How To Start A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Let’s look at some facts.  The fact is that weed and anything to do with it can be a sketchy business.  There are a lot of pitfalls that you will encounter along the way.  There really two ways to go about starting your own marijuana business, the “legal” way and the illegal way.

Currently thirteen states have choose to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana. Of course, each state has different laws that one must abide by.  These are probably the states that you would want to start up your business in.  But it still can be a bit risky for investment since weed is still not federally legal.  Always do your own research, follow state laws, and don’t antagonize the feds!

The Good News!

So there is another way.  It is 100% legal but since marijuana is estimated to be a Billion Dollar industry, it is something I would say everyone should take advantage of.  The sooner you have your feet in the door the bigger you will be before the other corporations decide to follow.  This is really a rare opportunity for Americans.  It’s the next gold rush and most people do not even see it.  So lucky for you if you are reading this…  Starting a business in the marijuana industry is probably one of the smartest ideas you can do.  I own a marketing company, and we are constantly testing new markets to see the market potential.  I have never seen results like these.  We have started miniature businesses in the marijuana niche and the results have been insane.  I have never seen so much positive feedback and support by any niche.  You literally can have an advertisement say weed and you will get a flood of traffic.

So How Do You Leverage This Billion Dollar MMJ Industry

Honestly, if you know anything about business or know some history behind the “Gold Rush”, the majority of the money came from selling pans, pick axes and equipment to the people looking to strike it rich.  It is a sustainable business, more profitable, and a lot less risk.  If you do not know anything about how to start a business, luckily there is a resource for you, Hustle Green. They will teach you the in’s and out’s of starting a mmj business. The first month is free so I would highly recommend giving it a go.

Learn The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana BenefitsThe use of medical marijuana is increasing because many States are passing laws to protect people who own dispensary’s for the purpose of getting the drug to the right people.

However, it’s important you do your own research at the same time to protect yourself going forward.

Even though the benefits of medical marijuana are well documented it really does depend on the health issue you have.

Anyway, we decided to do some research and came across some awesome information that we think you’ll find useful.

Let’s get started and look over some benefits of medical marijuana.

Controlling Seizures

The first and popular reason why marijuana was first legalized was to help reduce the onset of seizures. The active ingredient within cannabis has been proven to slow down the spontaneous occurrence of epilepsy.

However, in order for you to be approved the seizures have to be uncontrollable and interfere with your day to day lifestyle.

There continues to be research done on marijuana usage mixed with epilepsy and how they help with the onset.

Mood Disorders

Another awesome benefit of medical marijuana is that it can help control moods.

For example, recent studies have shown that marijuana can be sued to mellow out the onset of bipolar, etc.

However, because there is medication available to stabilize moods it becoming tough to get approval as a mood drug especially when it can make people do negative things as well.

Some places like Seattle have approved the use of medical marijuana for treat against mood disorders.

Parkinson Disease

The active ingredient in marijuana has been shown to slow down the development of Parkinson disease.

Many people who have an onset of Parkinson will NOT respond to medication well so marijuana has been used as an alternative.

Next, research has shown positive results when dealing with Parkinson patients.


Many places in the United States who have legalized marijuana for medical reason have also done it for economic reasons.

First, it’s a great way to collect taxes especially when many people purchase the drug for recreational use. However, the game plan is to legalize it for medical purposes which bring it closer to legalizing it for personal use.

There are many advocates which have fought to legalize marijuana for personal use and feel that it being used for medical reasons simply brings them “1” step closer.