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Personal payday loan over 120 months

The personal payday loan is an unrestricted consumer credit that can be concluded over a long period of 120 months or 10 years of monthly payments for all types of projects. for further explanation


Long-term personal payday loan: 120 months

personal loan

The personal payday loan is a financing offered by the credit organizations which belongs to the category of unrestricted consumer credits, that is to say, that their obtaining is in no way linked to a purchase of service or good. That is to say, the personal payday loan can be obtained without proof of use, what used to be called a cash loan. The minimum duration on this type of loan is 3 months, its amount can vary between 200 dollars and 75,000 dollars, which can also be used to buy a car, furniture, a trip as work in housing, or children’s studies.

There is no maximum duration for the consumer loan, and even less for the personal payday loan but the credit organizations will hardly go beyond 120 months, simply because beyond this duration, it  is necessary to have solid guarantees, which does not necessarily require the personal payday loan, especially for a sum which can be obtained without justification of use. A personal payday loan over a long period of 120 months will however entail a higher cost.


The term of 120 months for his personal payday loan

personal loan

120 months corresponds to 10 years of monthly payments, it is a long period for a personal payday loan and it is necessary to make sure to use the good financing according to the project to realize. Generally, this long-term loan is used by homeowners who wish to carry out work in their property on their own. The personal payday loan thus makes it possible to have a large sum available, usable at will and in several installments, it is thus easier to organize your work and buy the materials as you go.

The personal payday loan will make it possible to release part of the funds for the structural work, then the renovation of the interior and the finishes. The repayment over the long term of 120 months will also help minimize the amount of the monthly payment, but the cost will be higher, and this may also reduce the ability to borrow for other projects. Note that in the case of work carried out yourself, take out good borrower insurance to compensate for any eventuality in the event of an accident on the site.


Simulate your long-term personal payday loan

Simulate your long-term personal loan

It is possible to simulate a personal payday loan request over a period of 120 months and to obtain, depending on its amount, proposals from partner credit organizations. The comparator takes care of taking demand into account and then soliciting credit organizations that can respond favorably to the borrower’s needs, with real consideration of their financial situation. This simulation is completely free and without obligation.